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Learn and Lead  Architects, no matter the domain, need to understand strategic intention and be able to lead organizations and people. This track focuses on developing and enhancing leadership skills for architects, their managers, and other organizational leaders wishing to leverage architecture to deliver results.

Growth and Agility  Architecture must be on the forefront to help organizations respond rapidly to change at an ever-increasing velocity. The time horizon for adapting to change is shifting from months and years to days and weeks. Architects too must embrace new methods and seek out ways to guide the enterprise in the context of competitive environments, rapid change, and ever-shrinking delivery cycles.

Innovation  To be successful and compete in today’s marketplace, organizations need to focus on innovation. This track spotlights the role of architecture in driving innovation throughout the enterprise.

Trends, Tools and Technologies  If the architecture is to create readiness for future organizational success, the architect needs to be on top of what’s new out there. What is the role of architecture in helping organizations discover and adapt disruptive technologies? What’s exciting and new on the horizon? 

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