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Following an impressively successful turn out and event last year, we are excited to bring you our second annual Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration (MACC) Conference! Together we represent the complement of established professional architecture communities in the upper Midwest and we believe that we will all benefit if we create opportunities for us to collaborate together! We’re proving that the sum of our parts is much greater than the whole!

Our second annual conference will be held on Thursday, November 12, and features Commissioner Tom Baden, the CIO for the State of Minnesota, and Sara Rottunda, Sr. IT Director - HR Systems with Medtronic at the podium to share their keynote insights. They are well accompanied by a full program of extraordinarily talented speakers. Please refer to the Speakers tab for the full slate of presenters. Each of these speakers will bring perspective and information to this year's Conference focused on delivering value; this is something we all need to think about everyday in our work and beyond.

In addition to our full Conference day on November 12th, we are offering a hands-on workshop on November 11th this year, where you will follow architecture methodology from problem definition to solution using a facilitated process and tools in a classroom setting. We think this will be a great experience and can't wait to see the day's results presented by the participants.

We still have room for you both day, and encourage you to register and attend! MACC is designed to bring all of the domains of architecture and architects together to share information and techniques of interest to all of us; we believe that we will vastly increase our relevance and significance to business success by learning about each other and working together. We look forward to seeing you attend with us in November this year.

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