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2015 Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration Event
The Journey Continues: Delivering the Architecture Value Proposition

NOVEMBER 11-12, 2015  |  McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota


MACC 2015 is Requesting Speaker Applications

We are excited to announce that we are again community partners in planning for our second annual Midwest Architecture Collaborative Community (MACC) Conference! We are thrilled to report that our inaugural event in 2014 was a remarkable success and we’re excited to bring the community together again in November. Together we represent the complement of established professional architecture communities in the upper Midwest and we believe that we will all benefit if we create opportunities for us to collaborate together!

We are starting our event this year with a one-day hands-on workshop on November 11 at the McNamara location. This workshop will follow the architecture delivery process end-to-end for a solution using requirements gathering and evaluation techniques, and a tool demonstration for capturing and modeling architecture value. Space is limited in this day-long session--watch for more information at the MACC website and on social media to register and attend!

Our main conference will be held on Thursday, November 12th, and will feature a keynote lineup featuring Thomas Baden, Minnesota state commissioner and CIO, with additional thought leaders in architecture to be announced. MACC is designed to bring all of the domains of architecture and architects together to share information and techniques of interest to all of us; we believe that we will vastly increase our relevance and significance to business success by opening up to learning about each other and working together. As a presenter at the conference, you will have the opportunity to share your expertise, case studies and experience with an anticipated 250 architects, leaders, and IT and business professionals from the podium and throughout the day.

We are currently accepting speaking applications for you and your organization to be represented during our track sessions. The deadline to submit an application is extended to Monday, September 14, 2015

Currently, our tracks include:


Learn and Lead  Architects, no matter the domain, need to understand strategic intention and be able to lead organizations and people. This track focuses on developing and enhancing leadership skills for architects, their managers, and other organizational leaders wishing to leverage architecture to deliver results.

Growth and Agility  Architecture must be on the forefront to help organizations respond rapidly to change at an ever-increasing velocity. The time horizon for adapting to change is shifting from months and years to days and weeks. Architects too must embrace new methods and seek out ways to guide the enterprise in the context of competitive environments, rapid change, and ever-shrinking delivery cycles.

Innovation  To be successful and compete in today’s marketplace, organizations need to focus on innovation. This track spotlights the role of architecture in driving innovation throughout the enterprise.

Trends, Tools and Technologies  If the architecture is to create readiness for future organizational success, the architect needs to be on top of what’s new out there. What is the role of architecture in helping organizations discover and adapt disruptive technologies? What’s exciting and new on the horizon? 

If you're interested in presenting on a topic related to the above tracks, please send in your application by Monday, September 14.  You can submit as many unique topic applications as you would like -- we will review all submissions for possible inclusion in the conference. 

The Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration Conference is excited to bring you an opportunity to educate, inform, and build connections in our architecture community. All speaking applications will be considered, with the MACC Planning Committee making final selections in mid to late September. Submissions that will receive priority will cover information that is interesting, timely, relevant and actionable to delivering the architecture value proposition in organizations — including the latest trends, concepts, solutions, and the knowledge necessary to become a catalyst for innovation and value delivery. Participation in this event is a great way to gain exposure and network within the architecture community. Attendance is approximately 40 - 60 people per tack session, with planned Conference attendance of 250 overall.

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