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Learn and Lead

Architects, no matter the domain, need to understand strategic intention and be able to lead organizations and people. This track focuses on developing and enhancing leadership skills for architects, their managers, and other organizational leaders wishing to leverage architecture to deliver results.

The Learn and Lead track is brought to you by:

Metropolitan State University - Institute for Professional Development



To be successful and compete in today’s marketplace, organizations need to focus on innovation. This track spotlights the role of architecture in driving innovation throughout the enterprise.

The Innovation track is brought to you by:

Trends, Tools, & Technologies

If the architecture is to create readiness for future organizational success, the architect needs to be on top of what’s new out there. What is the role of architecture in helping organizations discover and adapt disruptive technologies? What’s exciting and new on the horizon?

The Trends, Tools, & Technologies track is brought to you by:

Growth and Agility

Architecture must be on the forefront to help organizations respond rapidly to change at an ever-increasing velocity. The time horizon for adapting to change is shifting from months and years to days and weeks. Architects too must embrace new methods and seek out ways to guide the enterprise in the context of competitive environments, rapid change, and ever-shrinking delivery cycles.

The Growth and Agility track is brought to you by:

Keyot Consulting



The MACC Conference would not be possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors. Please stop by their booths

Traust Consulting


IS Leaders


Lead your company to architectural excellence!

IS Leaders has been at the forefront of IT and Business Architecture for over 12 years. We have one of the deepest pools of architects in the Twin Cities and a true understanding and appreciation of what architecture is - and can be - and the value that really good architects can bring to your organization.

Let us help your organization create new business opportunities, lower costs and create a competitive advantage in the market through the intitutionalization of architectural best practices and the best and brightest architects.

We have a unique business model that puts the needs of our clients first and allows us to work with the top talent in the industry and partner with other niche firms to deliver value.



Make your Data Worth While

  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Information Asset Management
  • Information Strategy

S2E Consulting


S2E Consulting Inc. enables businesses to successfully execute their strategic vision, whether entering a new market, enhancing a customer experience, adapting to competitive pressures, or becoming operationally efficient by updating legacy processes and systems.

Join our MACC15 workshop: Driving Business Transformation With Business Architecture

Special Offer: Mention the MACC15 Conference and receive 25% off a single-day assessment or a single-day training session from S2E Consulting.
Offer good thru 12/31/2015.

Armstrong Process Group


Metaplexity Associates


Metaplexity Associates provides education and consulting services to organizations that are building an Enterprise Architecture program. Our approach is rooted in The Open Group TOGAF Standard. Dr. Bill Estrem, founder and president of Metaplexity, has been working with The Open Group since 1995 to develop TOGAF as the benchmark standard for Enterprise Architecture. Today, there are over 50,000 people who have earned TOGAF 9 Certification. Metaplexity provides live classroom training, WebEx based e-learning, and we will soon introduced a Self Paced Learning course. We can tailor our courses to meet client requirements. We work to support our clients before and after the training engagement.

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